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Nitor is a Washington, DC-based professional services firm with a proven track record in successful technical leadership, IT Portfolio Management, and Governance. We have considerable experience in federal government projects and contract management, as well as large-scale government projects within the healthcare IT industry including CONNECT Development and interoperability testing, NwHIN operations and conformance testing, as well as NwHIN tools support. Nitor's Solutions Development Lifecycle Architecture methodologies and best practices, including Rational/Open Unified Process, Smart Agile Project Management techniques, Object-Oriented programming, and design and analysis, has resulted in extensive success and quantitative value for our clients. Through our measurable, iterative, incremental, and repeatable processes, we focus on identifying, adapting, and managing changes and risks, implementing the right solutions to meet client needs.
CONNECT-Related Solutions Offered:
Adapter Development
Product Plug-Ins
Support (Help Desk)
Other Solutions Offered: NwHIN onboarding conformance testing. NwHIN operations.
Geographic Areas Served: All