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MobileMD delivers comprehensive health information exchange solutions that enable omni-directional communication between care providers that crosses organizational boundaries and spans patient care settings. Our solutions enable a secure clinical dialog between providers in support of disease management, accountable care, meaningful use, and everyday care activities. Health systems enjoy benefits of fully automated ordering, results delivery, and referrals processing. MobileMD’s 4-Dimensional HIE provides secure clinical and administrative data exchange between all providers caring for patients within a community, regardless of their location, EMR technology or vendor. Our Software-as-a-Service deployment model supports more than 23 HIE networks across the country today. MobileMD utilizes the CONNECT gateway within our hosted HIE infrastructure. CONNECT is a key element that enables our technology to serve as the “on-ramp” to external HIEs, whether coordinating care with a health system across town or linking in state supplied healthcare resources. MobileMD is working as a collaborative partner to expand our cross-HIE reach by augmenting CONNECT’s record look-up capabilities with Nationwide Health Information Network Direct support, enabling provider to provider secure messaging across HIE service areas.
CONNECT-Related Solutions Offered:
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Other Solutions Offered: MobileMD's SaaS deployed 4DX Health Information Exchange platform facilitates omni-directional exchange across provider organizations and care settings, and includes our physician access portal, patient access portal, ambulatory EMR, and e-prescribing modules.
Geographic Areas Served: U.S. Regions: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X