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Jericho Systems Corporation is the pioneer of "security as a service" products. EsDS is the company's flagship product built to ensure business decisions, event management and automated responses are deployed consistently, rapidly and in a non-proprietary manner. Jericho Systems Corporation provides the Nationwide Health Information Network with a robust, open source Policy Decision Service to enable security and privacy compliance around the exchange of electronic health records. The EnterSpace Community Edition (EsDS CE) is a part of the Enterprise Service Component (ESC) and leverages open standards such as SAML and XACML. EsDS CE comes pre-packaged with Health Care specific rule sets designed to facilitate cross enterprise security and privacy authorization. Jericho Systems Corporation offers limited support, free of charge, to users who choose the EsDS CE plug-in, or to those who migrate to the company's flagship licensed EsDS. Professional Services include: * SOA-Centric Identity and Access Management Consulting * Standards Compliant Integration * Policy Engineering for Security and Privacy The company remains committed to our partnership with the Nationwide Health Information Network CONNECT community and will ensure the operational posture of EsDS CE for all future CONNECT releases.
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