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5AM Solutions is proud to work with our partners and the great community of contributors to CONNECT. While we’re relatively new to CONNECT development we're far from new to health information exchange. As a company specializing in health IT, we know the unique challenges behind connecting people with health information - be it a researcher with DNA sequence data on an iPad, the DoD with Kaiser Permanente across the NHIN, or a patient with his or her test results. We listen, and develop software with a focus on quality, cleanliness, openness, testability, usability, and continuous improvement. Our partner organizations on the CONNECT development team share our experience in building software that’s useful, usable, and used.
CONNECT-Related Solutions Offered:
Adapter Development
Product Plug-Ins
Support (Help Desk)
Other Solutions Offered: Gateway Development (Commercial NHIN Implementations) Custom Software Smart + Useful System Integration Research and Clinical Systems + Consulting
Geographic Areas Served: All