CONNECT 4.2 is Ready for Download!

August 12, 2013

Move over 4.1, CONNECT 4.2 is here and ready for download! This version of CONNECT improves the  health data exchange experience for agencies and other organizations through some new features that support the growing need for enhanced interoperability for better patient care. The new features include:

  • Support for Java 6 and 7 WebSphere 7 and WebLogic 11g require Java 6, so CONNECT 4.2 now provides greater flexibility to deploy in an organization’s existing architecture.
  • Support for multi-specification document query and document retrieve version identification functions, including the initiating and responding messages function Feature allows for increased tailoring and management of messages to a broader set of exchange partners.
  • Enhancements and defect resolutions identified as a result of participating in the Healtheway  Product Certification Pilot Program The CONNECT Community continues to engage with the eHealth Exchange Community to identify test script improvements and CONNECT product enhancements.  Our goal -- ensure CONNECT remains a robust product that organizations can leverage in a rapidly growing health data exchange environment.

These features are representative of the comments and suggestions made by the CONNECT user community regarding how to improve CONNECT. Details on 4.2 are listed in the version’s Release Notes.

Instructions on how to install CONNECT can be found on the CONNECT website.

The CONNECT team discussed this new release and the road ahead for CONNECT during the Sprint Review + Planning Session today, August 12. The team is currently looking for CONNECT adopter s, and those who are looking to use CONNECT for the first time, to deploy 4.2 and provide feedback on how this version works in their exchange environment.

Comments, suggestions and questions regarding CONNECT can be submitted through the CONNECT Forums: