Promoting Meaningful Use

What is “Meaningful Use?”

From the ONC Web Site:
“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act authorizes the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide a reimbursement incentive for physician and hospital providers who are successful in becoming ‘meaningful users’ of an electronic health record (EHR). These incentive payments begin in 2011 and gradually phase down. Starting in 2015, providers are expected to have adopted and be actively utilizing an EHR in compliance with the ‘meaningful use’ definition or they will be subject to financial penalties under Medicare.

The focus on meaningful use is a recognition that better healthcare does not come solely from the adoption of technology itself, but through the exchange and use of health information to best inform clinical decisions at the point of care.”


CONNECT’s Role in Promoting Meaningful Use

As ONC works to define meaningful use, the CONNECT team is actively incorporating associated requirements into the product to help make sure that exchanges built using the solution will comply with the guidelines. The CONNECT program is committed to supporting healthcare organizations in their efforts to comply with meaningful use guidance to help meet the requirements for CMS incentives.