CONNECT 4.0 Webinar: Q&A

CONNECT 4.0 Webinar: Enhancing Health Information Exchange for Interoperability Success

The following questions and answers were posed during this webinar that took place on Feb. 12, 2013.

Q. What is the process for accepting changes? In the suggestion it stated that the development team chooses whether to accept a change or not. So from a community perspective are we still at the point where the development team controls all changes? If yes - then what is the process for handling a change that the development team does not want to add?

A. Yes, you're right - the wiki page language needs to be cleaned up. CONNECT's roadmap is developed by FHA and the community, and approved by FHA governance. New features that the community wants to add to CONNECT can either be pulled into the main line and become part of the product, or can be “forked” as add-ons. CONNECT's governance body determines the roadmap, not the development team. We'll update the wiki page to have more explicit directions, but to state clearly, we welcome contributions of all kinds, and will find a way to make them available to the community, whether as part of the product or not.


Q. Will you be allowing the community to become committers?

A. Yes! We accept pull requests through GitHub.


Q. Is the ONC or other federal agencies funding the CONNECT development?

A. The Federal Health Architecture (FHA), an E-Government initiative, currently manages the CONNECT program. FHA has federal partners that fund the development of CONNECT.


Q. What open source HIE has CONNECT been tested with?

A. CONNECT has been tested with several HIE and EMR systems. We have not tested with another open source HIE or EMR. We are always eager to learn of other open source tools and systems that enable health information exchange, so please share!


Q. Can CONNECT run on the Jboss Application Server?

A. The next release of CONNECT will run on JBOSS. Check connectopensource.org to stay up-to-date on information on this development. For those who don’t want to wait for a release, you are always welcome to take the latest code.


Q. Are the SoapUI tests updated for the 4.0 release.

A. Of course! We updated, expanded, and added new tests to the SoapUI suite.


Q. Do you recommend upgrading from 3.3 or starting from scratch for 4.0 installation.

A. CONNECT does not include upgrade patches from version to version. We recommend that you upgrade to CONNECT 4.0, and to do so, you’ll need to complete a “fresh” or “from scratch” installation. See the release notes for instructions.


Q. esMD Gateway, built by CMS is still 3.2. If we are an HIH and connecting to esMD Gateway, can we use 4.0 and still connect to 3.2 Gateway?

A. Yes, CONNECT 4.0 supports both the "January 2010" and "July 2011" NwHIN technical specifications. CONNECT 4.0 can interoperate with other versions of CONNECT or any NwHIN-compatible system.


Q. If the Receiving Gateway is 3.3 or lower, can we still send larger payloads to that gateway if we use 4.0?

A. If the receiving gateway is 3.3 or lower, it will be able to accept large files, but will not be able to accept them via streaming. So, the receiving gateway will likely run into memory or pipe limitations on large files.


Q. Does that mean if the receiving Gateway is 3.3 or lower, larger payload transmission to them is still an issue? How can they overcome that?

A. We did not add the large payload feature into older versions of CONNECT - it's available in 4.0. If you want to be able to receive the large files, you need to be able to accept and handle file streaming, or upgrade to CONNECT 4.0.