Past Code-A-Thons

What is a CONNECT Code-A-Thon?

At CONNECT Code-A-Thons, programmers convene to work together on projects related to CONNECT. A Code-A-Thon is a form of hackathon, which is a term well defined by Wikipedia at this link. The events occur quarterly and move each time to a different location throughout the country.

Code-A-Thons typically last two days and include short plenary sessions where experts provide detail about their experiences in the open source community, and program personnel provide insight into the current and future architecture of the solutions. This is followed by hands-on programming where attendees break up into groups and work on projects they are interested in. People work on what they want to with little to no restrictions on direction or goal of the programming.

CONNECT Code-A-Thons are attended by professionals and students, representing federal and state agencies, healthcare providers, insurance companies, health information exchanges, cities, universities and health IT vendors, among other health stakeholders.